Webinar FAQs


If you complete the form on the host a webinar page the team will get in  touch to discuss further, but to give a rough idea it will include some of the following;

  • Promotion of the webinar in dedicated e-shots
  • Promotion of the webinar in our fortnightly e-newsletter
  • Promotion through all social media channels
  • Promotion on the Talent in Logistics dedicated webinar webpage
  • Post Event Recording available on the Talent in Logistics Website
  • Opportunity to invite a client to participate as a speaker/to share a case study
  • Contact information of all registered attendees

We can work with you to host a webinar topic of your choice, however given our brand and network of contacts generally these fit within some key themes.

  • Talent attraction
  • Workforce development and training
  • Employee Engagement
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Leadership and Management
    • Webinars can last anywhere between 30mins to 2 hours. We however aim to keep them between 45mins to 60mins. This provides the audience with enough time to get an understanding of the topic, it provides a good level of interactivity, whilst also ensuring it doesn’t drag on and turn people off attending.
    • Whilst you can promote your product and/or service on the webinar it cannot just be a sales pitch. The content needs to be thought provoking and provide real value to the attendee, by doing this you will be showcasing yourself as an expert within your field.  This is great for building your business’ brand. The leads you create through this approach will be much more open to exploring your product and/or service when they have the confidence that you know what you are talking about.
    • Content must be approved by Talent in Logistics – so should be sent to us 14 days prior to delivery for review and insertion onto branded templates
    • Unfortunately not. You will get more sign-ups and reach a broader audience if your webinar is free, therefore we do not charge for attendance
    • To begin with just complete the form on the host a webinar page , then the team will get in touch to discuss your vision in more detail.
    • Talent in Logistics will set up the webinar, promote the event and manage the registration process.
    • As the host you will also need to promote the webinar to your audience to ensure we maximise attendance
    • You will need to work on content for delivery (which of course TIL can help with)
    • Finally you will need to turn up on the day ready to interact with your audience
    • Go To Webinar
    • Research was completed on numerous solutions and Go To Webinar was selected for its professional service and lack of concerns around event security
    • Webinar must go ahead if 20 or more registered to attend, if less event will be cancelled and partial refund will be given
    • Attendee numbers will be capped at 500
    • Talent in Logistics will only host 1 webinar a fortnight to ensure we do not overwhelm target audience and negatively impact on attendance numbers


Whether or not you want to position yourself as a market leader, reconnect with your contacts or build brand awareness, hosting a webinar with Talent in Logistics will allow you to communicate on a whole new level.

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