Tesco, Scania Training & South Essex College Wins Collaboration In People Development 2019

It’s clear this forward-thinking partnership has a clear and well-executed people development strategy. Described by judges as an ‘inspiring collaboration’, Tesco, Scania Training and South Essex College picked up the Collaboration in People Development title at the 2019 Talent in Logistics Awards earlier this year.

In 2014, Tesco launched their Warehouse to Wheels programme. But due to the overwhelming demand for individuals to develop their career opportunities within the transport department, they decided the current LGV Apprenticeship would be more beneficial for both the company and the individuals. As their first venture into such a project, they soon realised they needed to work in collaboration to achieve their desired results.

With multiple sites to include, Tesco’s partners needed to be far reaching and diverse enough to cover all areas with intended apprenticeships. Scania Training and South Essex College provided the service required and have since continued to develop a comprehensive and detailed apprenticeship programme. Working in partnership, Scania Training deliver the license acquisition, South Essex College the functional skills and classroom-based training and Tesco the ongoing training and development of the individuals over the course of the programme, with the investment of a minimum four week block training schedule.

Tesco’s view for the apprenticeship programme has always been about the individuals involved, whether that be the apprentices, trainers or training partners. Tesco not only use the funding available from the apprenticeship levy, but invest heavily in the future of their transport department. They are currently investing funds in people development, not only for today, but for up to five years in the future where they recognise that employee development, driver retention and quality of training will be of paramount importance.

On the evening of the awards ceremony, all three partners were delighted to come together to pick up the accolade. Annabel Thompson, Transport Development Manager from Tesco said: “We are proud to have won the award for Collaboration in People Develop, this award celebrates organisations that recognise that people development is the key to company success and have collaborated with other organisations to make their workforce and the industry stronger.”

With the current investment of Tesco’s views and aims, they provide development opportunities for each and every individual, therefore looking after their workforce and customers.

Does your organisation recognise that people development is the key to company success? Have you collaborated with other organisations to make your workforce stronger? If so, then it’s time to enter the Talent in Logistics Awards 2020 Collaboration in People Development category. Entry dates for the 2020 Awards will be announced in the upcoming months. Find out more about the category here.

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