Suttons Tanker fuels process improvements with Softworks

Suttons Tanker fuels process improvements with Softworks

Suttons Tankers, a specialist logistics business that transports chemicals, gases and fuels, employing 700 drivers across 30 locations in the United Kingdom, has implemented Softworks Workforce Management Software to enable it to make better use of tachograph data and to reduce the amount of manual administration involved in payroll calculations for its drivers.

The Softworks system allows Suttons Tankers to combine tachograph data, with pay rules reflecting the terms drivers work under, as well as the type of hours and allowances that apply, to automatically calculate drivers’ hours for payroll. Drivers no longer have to complete paper timesheets and the payroll team no longer need to manually calculate drivers’ pay resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of administrative work needed across the business. The Softworks system also provides a central digital view of employee Time and Attendance data for the business.

Fran Reed, Head of Financial Planning and Analysis, Suttons Tankers said: “Prior to deploying Softworks, there was a lot of paper involved in the payroll process which was inefficient and wasn’t scalable. We wanted to move to a digital system. We also wanted to improve business oversight and be able to easily look back over past history instead of going through stacks of paper. Driver pay is based on the number of hours worked, the shift they are on, the day of the week, and the pay terms they work under. We weren’t convinced there was a system that could manage the interaction between the hours worked, the shift and the drivers’ terms while ensuring they were paid correctly. Going to the market, we were looking for something that could understand and deal with the complexity around our driver pay rules.”

Hannah Morrall, Payroll Manager, Suttons Tankers added: “Before we introduced Softworks, we were manually calculating hundreds of drivers’ wages each week from timesheets and spreadsheets. That process doesn’t happen anymore. Knowing how complex our work and pay rules are, it was difficult for me to have faith and trust that the system would deliver the correct information to ensure the drivers were paid correctly but so far so good, it has by far improved our processes.”

Fran Reed, Head of Financial Planning and Analysis, Suttons Tankers concluded: “There are many haulage businesses still using paper timesheets because they have drivers on different pay terms and there’s no obvious system for them to use. Softworks could save these businesses time and provide them with really good data.”

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