Logistics and ballroom dancing are not two things you usually see in the same sentence, but for Shears Bros (Transport) Ltd’s new Business Development Manager, Julie Mudd, the two go hand in hand.

Julie, who has competed in various amateur dance championships around the UK, including those held in the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom, will use her competitive drive to her advantage away from the dancefloor in her new role with the Bournemouth-based logistics company.

With a wide-ranging career in logistics, Julie brings more than 20 years’ experience from her roles in international shipping, the parcel industry and hazardous freight as she steps into the pallet distribution sector.

Shears, an Owned Operation of Pall-Ex (UK) Ltd, has seen significant growth in recent years after solidifying its position in the Bournemouth area.

Since arriving in early 2021, Julie has been looking for long-term service solutions for customers, further enhancing the portfolio of clients for the business.

There are several tools in Julie’s arsenal which, with her expansive experience, will mean she is well equipped to support local businesses with their unique requirements.

Shears offers a range of services including pallet storage, pick and pack, same day delivery, full and part trailer loads, hazardous freight and parcel deliveries.

In addition to this, the business also offers leading UK and International palletised freight distribution as part of the Pall-Ex network.

When asked about what attracted her to the role with Shears, Julie explains that it was the team and the range of services that really interested her.

She comments: “The first thing that struck me about Shears was the team and its approach to work.

“Most members of staff are long-standing employees who know the business inside out and really care about providing the best possible service for our customers – That’s really important to me.

“I am really excited to make full use of the service offering available here at Shears to ensure we deliver solutions that support and fulfil our customers’ needs.”

Paul Bulpitt is General Manager of Shears and reflecting on Julie’s appointment, he echoes her observations about the team and the range of services on offer.

Paul comments: “Shears continues to develop its range of services to suit the evolving needs of its customers in the Bournemouth area.

“The team is made up of some fantastic people who work hard every day to ensure our customers receive the high levels of customer service the business is renowned for.

“I have every confidence that Julie will continue to work well with the rest of the team and further support Shears’ growth over the coming months.”

Shears continues to offer European distribution services with minimal service disruption, in-spite of the challenges brought about by Brexit. For more information about International or any other services, please visit:

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