Two award winning organisations, Think Logistics and NOVUS are coming together with Career Ready, the national social mobility charity, to give logistics companies a unique early talent opportunity.

The collaboration creates a single and simplified route for companies looking to solve the skills shortage the sector faces. By providing engagement opportunities in schools, colleges and universities, the partnership provides an integrated approach for developing pipelines for direct entry, apprenticeship and graduate roles.

Employees are encouraged to volunteer to support the collaboration, which prepares young people from a wide range of backgrounds for the world of work. Opportunities include mentoring, delivering masterclasses, hosting workplace visits, and providing paid work experience.

The partnership builds on a successful seven-year relationship between Think Logistics and Career Ready, in which young people aged 16-18 have been supported by sector volunteers and inspired to pursue careers in logistics.

Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa, CEO at Career Ready said:

 “Our partnership with Think Logistics has been very important to us as we recognise how vital the logistics sector is and that it provides a growing range of career opportunities for young people.

Adding NOVUS into the mix means it’s a unique offer to both logistics companies and young people.”

NOVUS and Think Logistics have worked side by side for four years, winning awards for their collaborative efforts.

 Andy Kaye, CEO at Bis Henderson and founder of NOVUS said:

“We welcome this unique development as it provides a unified voice from the sector, to the sector, to highlight the pivotal role volunteering and engagement plays in securing early talent for logistics companies. We want young people to think of logistics as a career of first choice.”

Key aims of the partnership include enhancing the perception that logistics has amongst young people, teachers, and parents, and using alumni networks to inspire other young people to choose a career in logistics.

Steve Granite, CEO of the Abbey Logistics Group and founder of Think Logistics commented:

“A key part of our messaging over the last seven years has been to challenge the “trucks and sheds” stereotype and demonstrate that logistics is an essential sector that can provide young people with great career opportunities. The pandemic has shown how important the logistics sector is to communities across the UK and beyond, which represents a fantastic opportunity to change the narrative with young people, teachers and parents.”

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