Andrew Hopkin

Partner, Browne Jacobson

Andrew Hopkin

Andrew specialises in regulatory work, defending corporate bodies and individuals in prosecutions brought by regulators such as the Health and Safety Executive, Environment Agency and local authorities. He also provides pro-active risk management advice to both public and private sector organisations on issues surrounding corporate manslaughter and other specific health & safety risks. He also has an insight into prosecutions relating to The Constructions & Use Act.

More About Andrew's Talk

Andrew is an expert in prosecutions brought by regulators such as the Health & Safety Executive, he will provide practical tips on achieving compliance plus what to expect following a workplace transport accident, how to handle HSE investigations and what you should and shouldn’t do post incident.

“We are seeing a third of companies affected by the Levy who have tangible plans to spend their funds, a third who are thinking about it and another third who are not active at all on the issue. Talent in Logistics is the perfect platform for us to spread the word about the tangible benefits it can bring to businesses who are paying into the funds and not yet utilising them. We are working with a range of clients to enable them to maximise the value they can gain from their Apprenticeship Levy contributions – advising them on up-skilling their managers, first line team leaders, as well as warehouse operatives, supply chain professionals and customer service teams. We design and deliver programmes which enable our clients to get real benefit from this new tax, immediately. We want to educate as many businesses as possible that the Levy can be used positively as a ring-fenced budget for training and development that aims to drive business improvement.”

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