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Keeping the world moving relies on logistics. Operating alongside the transport and supply chain sectors, logistics deals with the movement of products to supply companies and individuals across the world. The collaboration of air, rail, road and sea is vital in ensuring not only deliveries of items such as food and clothes, but also in staging concerts and providing humanitarian aid, for example. 

According to CILT UK, 54% of logistics companies are expecting the skills shortage to increase in the next five years. This represents a fantastic opportunity for young people to move into a fast-paced, well-paid profession that is vital to keeping Great Britain moving.

Here is a video from a University of Huddersfield student explaining what supply chain management is:

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Fun Facts

2.54 million people

2.54 million people work in the UK logistics sector – that’s half the population of Sweden

The weight of a fully loaded truck is...


which is about the same as nine elephants!

In one year, a container ship can travel the equivalent of three-quarters of the way to the Moon and back – the Moon is 238,900 miles away!

A container ship engine has about 1,000 times the power of a family car – the largest is 56 feet tall!

The busiest airport for cargo is Hong Kong International Airport, which moved 5,120,811 tonnes of cargo in 2018

London Heathrow Airport

The busiest in the UK is London Heathrow Airport, at 1,771,342, making it the 19th busiest in the world

Each freight train saves about 60 lorries being on the road​

The highest delivery altitude was 400kms to the International Space Station​

Online Christmas Spending In 2019 Was Around £25 Billion​

Roughly 90% of everything traded across the world travels by ship


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