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The links below provide access to a range of interactive activities that will help to develop a child’s understanding of the vital role logistics plays in keeping Great Britain moving. As well as being educational, the learning activities will be great fun for your child to complete. Whilst not intended to replace a school’s curriculum, these resources will be ideal for anyone considering how to bring the logistics sector to life for their students and children.  

16 wonderful resources for children aged over 10 , all with curriculum relevance. Get resource.

8 lesson plans each on a different part of the sector ranging from railways, to internet shopping they even explore humanitarian relief. Get resource.

Go Bananas will help learners aged 7-11 to discover where their food comes from. Gain a vivid insight into the journey of a banana. Get resource.

A lesson plan to help learners understand how products such as electronics and cars are produced and traded on a global scale. Get resources.

Get your child inspired about logistics with this fun lego challenge. Build a Ship, a Train, a Truck and a Plane. Get resource.

A warehouse inspired game for people who like to organise stuff.  Get resource.

A downloadable transport activity pack with crosswords, drawing and lot of other activities for primary school aged children. Get resource.

STEM resources for different age groups, with information on what you can expect the children to learn and also how you can link that to the railway. Get Resource

An activity pack full of useful learning resources for Key Stage 1  learners. Have Fun with Freddie and Freda Forklift? Get resource.

A useful and informative  activity pack for Key Stage 2  learners. Can you help Freddie and Freda Forklift? Get resource.

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