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Reality : Careers within the sector have traditionally been held by men, but doors are open to women as well. Women are becoming increasingly involved at all levels, with many women holding top positions in logistics companies and departments. Women currently hold 30% of roles within logistics, so why not take a look at the opportunities available and join them on the journey?

Reality : You will never worry about being stuck in the same job when working in logistics. There is always room for career progression because the sector offers so many opportunities for development. The sector tends to promote from within, so the sky’s the limit once you have your foot in the door. There are ‘warehouse to wheels’ programmes, internal graduate schemes and management development initiatives to name but a few.

Reality : Although logistics is a complex sector that seems like it might require a high level of knowledge, it’s accessible to individuals from almost all backgrounds, depending on which area you’re looking to enter. There are a number of ways to get into the sector including entry-level apprenticeships, internships and LGV driver training schemes, which often only require a standard UK driving licence – there are so many ways to make this brilliant sector your own.

Reality : Of course, just like any other sector, logistics roles have a starting salary. But a career in logistics is just that – a career. The sector offers huge scope to develop and progress along with the potential for an increasing and competitive salary. In February 2019, the average salary for a role in logistics rose by £4,809 (10%).

Reality : Roles within the sector are incredibly varied and cover a wide range of career opportunities, including operations management, procurement and human resources. What’s more, the sector is rapidly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing landscape, such as changes brought about by consumer demand and shopping habits, meaning a wide range of jobs are available – and scores more will develop over the years, even if they don’t exist yet!

Reality : This could not be further from the truth! The global economy is constantly expanding, making logistics increasingly important. As internet shopping further fragments routes to market, bigger teams will be required to meet demand. The increase in automation within the sector will also bring with it the need for new skills within the workforce. Do you want to be a part of this ever-evolving sector?

Reality : As a sector, when moving goods by air, road, rail and sea, there is inevitably going to be an environmental impact. However, as a whole, the sector is making real strides in working together to minimise the impact logistics has on the world we live in. Why not get involved so you can play your part and make a real difference?

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