Locking in Learning through Logistics

Logistics is all about delivering ‘the right thing at the right time to the right place at the right price’.

Business On The Move seek organisations that care passionately about their local communities to do just that, to deliver collectively 3,000 copies of Business on the Move over the next few months to families who would greatly appreciate some free assistance with home-schooling.

The families might live in your local communities around your own sites. They may be your own employees. Or perhaps you just want to make a different difference in these very difficult times?

The principal target audience for this campaign is:-

• Families without access to a computer and the internet. 

• Larger families with difficulties sharing access to online learning.

• And, at the other end of the spectrum, families concerned about excessive hours of online/screen-time learning, including time on the phone and watching television too.

Business on the Move offers a proven educational alternative in the form of an interactive and enjoyable board game ~ using the vital role logistics and global trade play in all our lives as its backdrop ~ that parents and children of 9-19 years old can relate to.

The game’s versatility mean it can be played by the whole family ~ from age 9 upwards ~ and many times over with the extra dimensions and levels that can be gradually introduced.

Furthermore, developed with sector partners and downloadable from the game’s website, are 50+ additional different types of learning activity that are all matched to the curriculum and provide all kinds of problems to solve without the need for a computer!

Through their campaign, “Locking in Learning through Logistics,” they propose to seek the support of organisations involved in logistics or supply chains to collectively supply “the right thing at the right time to the right place at the right price’.

Why should organisations in the logistics and supply chains sector get behind this campaign?

Helping thousands of games to be placed with home-schooling families will:

• Enhance the reputation of your business as a caring organisation recognising the challenges of home-schooling.

• Help celebrate the key role and importance of logistics and supply chains as a whole, reinforcing the positive images and visibility of the industry since the pandemic began.

• Engage young people’s curiosity about the sector their parents work in and help to make your industry a career of choice rather than a career by chance.

If you are interested in contributing, what next?

Choose the number of games you wish to be placed   8, 20 or 48 games from the table below.

Decide if you wish to nominate (a) particular school(s) to receive and distribute the games to interested families OR if you prefer us to distribute your games through educational charity partners

Either, online through our SHOP web page, provide us with the choices you have made above and your contact details and make your sponsorship payment.

Or , if you prefer, email info@businessonthemove.org with your choices and contact details and we shall send you an invoice straightaway to trigger payment and the delivery of the games.