Equipping Teams To Unlock Performance

The Spanish logistics provider, Discema, specialises in the distribution of beverages for the hospitality sector, much of it through its 12,500 square meter Valencian distribution centre. In order to distribute 4.5 million crates of beverages per year, Discema relies on the hard work of staff and high-quality equipment that enables them to do their jobs.

Three years ago, management at Discema decided to invest in new equipment from truck manufacturer UniCarriers. According to Rafael Olivas, Managing Director at Discema, “the vehicles UniCarriers offered best met the company’s expectations.” Rafael added that at Discema, they are “always looking for products that are considered to be the most effective for the business.”

Ensuring the business continues to operate efficiently is no small feat, especially when there are roughly 7,000 customers to provide for daily. Having a strong, well-trained and well-equipped workforce is essential to achieving maximum productivity. However, this is not possible without ensuring the right interface between employees and their tools.

Matching man and machine

Discema purchased a number of TX4 model electric trucks for use in its warehouse. Not only are these electric vehicles environmentally efficient, they are also highly ergonomic. “We really like the ease of use with which UniCarriers has equipped its TX4. The hydraulic operation is very quiet, and the unique hydraulic levers enable intuitive and comfortable handling,” said Rafael. Over the past few months, Discema has gradually incorporated several TX4s from UniCarriers into its warehouse operations. Five such electric powered vehicles are now in use.

The second important aspect that the TX4 brings is efficiency, which can be measured by the load capacity: “Our pallets weigh around 800 kilograms, so the trucks with a load capacity of 1,800 kilograms can easily load and unload two pallets, which improves our efficiency, saves us time and, above all, increases our productivity,” Rafael explains.

Regardless of sector, there is a need for professionals not only to know how to use their tools, but to be able to operate them in a way that optimises productivity and adds to their craft. In logistics, this is as important as ever, especially when it comes to heavy machinery and pressurised schedules. There are further benefits to having the right equipment, including increased safety, risk mitigation and lower levels of stress for employees as more work can be done quicker and with less chance of incident. As companies like Discema continue to expand, having the right equipment allows staff to react better and cope more confidently with renewed demands from the business.