Why Talent In Logistics Is A Great Place To Network

Getting the most out of a conference can be challenging. It’s one thing to go home with hundreds of goodie bags, but it brings imaginable opportunities to leave with fresh relationships and meaningful connections. That’s why at Talent in Logistics, the magic is in the people.

For us, we love meeting and greeting our attendees. We are eager to welcome each individual and make them feel at home straight away.

It is highly likely that you will meet other interesting people and be exposed to a broader audience who work in various companies of size. Plus it’s great fun to meet individuals from all walks of life.

But what are the benefits of networking at our annual conference and awards ceremony?

Benefit 1: Break out of the comfort zone

Attending Talent in Logistics forces you to break out of your comfort zone. There are many born networkers in this world, but for many of us live events and human conversations can be challenging. Attending our event allows you to take action and break out of your old ways of thinking. If you’re feeling nervous, bring along a colleague so you won’t feel completely on your own – they may also know of some key people to network with.

 Benefit 2: Like-minded people

When you sit in one of our conference theatres, you’ll discover that you’re not alone in experiencing the various difficulties within your business or wanting to improve. Individuals who are willing to take time and learn something new are those who want to ‘better’ themselves. It’s important we work together to express these challenges.

Benefit 3: Meet the experts

Having the opportunity to be in the same room and listen to how industry experts/peers approach business is certainly a great experience and one that you can only benefit from. When you share the same space, they are sure to help you to understand how to overcome certain challenges and what opportunities that could lead to.

Benefit 4: Learn new tools

Our exhibitors are likely to share and display solutions you may not have seen before. Products or services that make the industry a better, faster or different place gives you a reason to learn something new. Of course, you can view these on their websites, but it’s much more fun to get a hands-on experience.

Benefit 5: You get to enjoy yourself

Though not a high priority, but it shouldn’t be left off the list – it’s time to have a little fun. With our live competitions, speaker theatres and awards evening, you won’t struggle to find a way to break into conversation. By the end of the day you will have made some amazing connections – we are sure of it!

Face-to-face networking can be challenging, but with our five killer tips you are sure to smash networking effectively:

  1. Break the ice – first impressions are lasting, start by setting the tone of the conversation. Take the opportunity to get to know someone better whilst staying focused on your goal.
  2. Open with your elevator pitch – make yourself and the company you are representing stand out to your listener, be interesting, memorable and succinct. A good elevator pitch should last no longer than a short elevator ride of 20-30 seconds – hence the name.
  3. Be engaged – keep eye contact with your conversation partner; nod your head and tilt your body towards them slightly when you’re speaking. These small cues go a long way towards make them feel like you care and are listening.
  4. Don’t be afraid to join in – introduce yourself by joining a conversation. In most cases, those speaking will enjoy the interruption because it gives them a chance to meet someone new. If you sense that you’ve entered into a serious discussion, it’s ok to politely excuse yourself.
  5. Take notes – when you ask for someone’s business card after having a great conversation, take notes after they walk away or immediately after the event. This will help you to be more specific in your follow-up.

Talent in Logistics provides you with a unique convergence of networking, learning and enjoyment all rolled into one. If you think it’s time to step out of the office to grow and challenge yourself, then it’s time to attend our 2019 event.

Tickets for the conference and awards ceremony are on sale now, click here to book your place! If you have any questions or queries, please contact us on talentinlogistics@capitb.co.uk.