5 ways to create a culture of reward and recognition

Warehouse Staff

There’s no doubt that in recent months, logistics key workers have proven how important they are, not just to their employer, but to keeping the country up and running, supplied with medicines, fuel, groceries and more. 

As an employer within this critical sector, there has never been a more relevant time to ensure that you are giving your people the reward and recognition that they deserve.

What is reward and recognition?

Although often referred to interchangeably, in employee engagement terms, reward is often deemed a financial benefit in appreciation of an employees work, whether referring to their usual salary, or bonus payments.  Recognition generally is used to refer to methods of support that show employees that their contributions are acknowledged and valued and is often used when employees go above and beyond or realise particular achievements. This recognition may not have a ‘cash’ value but could be priceless.

Why is employee recognition important?

Recognition plays a very important role in employee engagement, leading to happier, more motivated, and more loyal staff.  As a result, it encourages higher performance from employees, can boost productivity, and helps you to retain your top talent.  What’s more, showcasing the recognition programmes your organisation has in place can make you a very attractive prospect to fresh new talent.

The world or work, and the employees within it, has changed. Things that may have been considered perks in years gone by – like the office fruit bowl – are now an expectation of Millennial and Gen Z workers, as is ongoing recognition.  As an employer, this means you doing what you’ve always done may not be enough and you may need to think differently about the reward initiatives that you have in place.

Creating a culture of reward and recognition.

Whether your business is large or small, there are countless ways to make recognition an intrinsic part of your employee engagement strategy.  

Here are just 5 suggestions to inspire you.

1. Employee of the month…or year, or week. This celebrates an employee in view of their peers, and can be shared wider still with a post on social media.  Too formal? Why not implement a “thank you” board or jar where peers and managers can recognise a job well done? There is also various HR software where this can be done digitally. Some even enable employees to accrue ‘points’ which can later be exchanged for a tangible reward.

2. Give a gift. This idea is nothing new or different, but its easily forgotten. When was the last time you bought a gift for an employee to recognise a job well done or recognise a milestone? It doesn’t have to be the traditional ‘carriage clock’ after 25 years of service. A box of chocolates or a gift voucher for an individual who exceeded expectations can go a long way!

3. Say thank you! Private recognition can go a really long way. Many different surveys have shown that people want to work for managers and companies who appreciate them. Make saying “thank you” part of your company culture, day in, day out. And where it warrants it, put it in writing. A handwritten note from senior management can have a big impact.

4. Development, promotion, and pay. If you can afford to give a pay rise, extra time off, or a bonus (and it is well-deserved) then this is money well spent. It is far more cost-effective to engage and retain your talent than to recruit new staff.  Or perhaps promotion to a different role would demonstrate you value your employee’s skills and knowledge? Investing in an individual’s career shows that you think it’s worthwhile investing in their development and recognise their value.

5. Public recognition. Showing employees that you appreciate their efforts in front of their peers is extremely important, but so is recognising their value publicly. A great way to do this is to enter your individuals and teams for relevant awards. This shows employees that you value them and have confidence in them, so much so that you want everyone to know!

This approach is highly motivating and engaging for nominated employees and is often a low-cost strategy for employers. For example, the Talent in Logistics Awards, dedicated to celebrating talent in our sector, is completely free to enter!

The Talent in Logistics Awards 2020 will take place as a live-streamed online event on 1st October and will recognise the heroes of our logistics sector. 

Categories highlight not only standout individuals, but teams and organisations that are helping to drive the sector forward and are setting great examples when it comes to people strategies.

See the full list of categories and more information on entering. Entries can be submitted until 24th July 2020.

This article summarises just a few of the ways that you can recognise and reward your employees. For more information on improving employee engagement in your logistics business, why not attend our upcoming Talent in Logistics Conference?

Or sign up to our webinars, designed to help HR L&D, Training and Operations professionals to attract, develop and engage talent within our sector.