How can we overcome barriers to learning in logistics and transport? Part 2

This blog is the second instalment in our series bring together the ideas and recommendations from real Instructors, in-house trainers and training providers when it comes to overcoming barriers to developing people in the logistics and transport sector.

These helpful insights came from our recent Talent in Logistics Develop Conference, which included an interactive session where delegates worked in teams to discuss some of our sectors most common training challenges.

Our first blog in the series looked at how to justify time and budget for training and overcoming negative attitudes to training. In this instalment, we look at another all-too familiar scenario.

How to get managers on board with training

The scenario:

Bob is a senior manager at your organisation and he most certainly has an influence on his team, but Bob does not practice what he preaches when it comes to learning and development. He doesn’t keep up to date with industry changes, he doesn’t challenge himself, he isn’t curious of what other teams are doing. So why should his team? What could you say to Bob?

Delegates’ ideas and recommendations:

It would be a good idea to assess Bob’s intentions. Why is he acting that way? What are his motives at work?

As a senior leader, it would be interesting to know what training Bob has done himself. Has he ever been invested in? It would be good to look at all senior management as part of this exercise so that he doesn’t feel singled out.

Bob certainly needs his KPIs assessed. These should include how he can better influence his team.

It’s most important to find ways to help Bob lead from the front. Go back to the old acronym – TEAM, Together We Achieve More.

Logistics training resources and advice

Whether you’re experiencing issues because you’ve got a ‘Bob’ in your workforce, or you’re facing other people development challenges – you’re not alone! Talent in Logistics has a range of resources to help support you.

Talent in Logistics blog

Our Develop blog posts are a great place to find out more about the benefits of developing talent, specific to the transport and logistics sector. Armed with this information, this could help you get senior managers on board with training and people development programmes at every level.

The Talent in Logistics Journal

Have you signed up to receive your free Talent in Logistics Journal yet? The TLJ is a magazine completely dedicated to the people in our sector, and how to best attract, develop and engage them.

Every issue contains insightful advice and thought leadership articles. In the latest issue, Bob might be interested to read the Develop section to learn about the Europa Worldwide Group’s RAPID Career Development Programme, or e-Truck, a new innovative approach to learning from RTITB.

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Talent in Logistics Conferences

Our Develop Conference in January was a huge success. Read more about the event. But we are already hard at work on our next event – the Talent in Logistics Engage Conference on 21st April 2020.

This would be a great place for Bob to learn about how to engage with his team to increase productivity, reduce staff turnover, improve absence and safety incident rates and much more.

Book Engage Conference tickets now or find out more.

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