Clipper Logistics’ Michael Price Wins Inspirational Leader Of The Year 2019

Michael Price is a truly engaging character, who has one of the best work ethics Clipper Logistics has seen. With the ability to articulate well with all levels of the business and continuously striving to help others succeed, he picked up the Inspirational Leader of the Year accolade at the recent Talent in Logistics Awards 2019.

In his role as Continuous Improvement Manager, Michael has been a key figure in changing behaviour and culture on his base site of Burton. These changes have contributed to the success of Clipper’s Burton site to such an extent, he has been asked to implement the same values across multiple other sites across the region. Michael has become a figure of positive change within the business, and his selfless attitude has meant that he puts his team and the interests of others ahead of his own and continues to demonstrate a strong desire to succeed.

Michael constantly seeks to understand his team’s strengths and weaknesses and works tirelessly in order to help them achieve their goals, setting each individual on their desired career path. With an incredible ability to simplify the most complicated of situations, he ensures everyone has an input and leaves no individual behind. By doing this, he has created strong and robust teams. It is visible that Michael’s ultimate drive is people and seeing their success and so, with this passion he was awarded Inspirational Leader of the Year.

During the Talent in Logistics Awards 2019 ceremony, he said: “I have been extremely fortunate to have started a career with a company that allows individuals to demonstrate innovation and creativity and, come up with new ideas. This has allowed me to develop a Continuous Improvement framework that has been adopted by the company and implemented into the majority of our sites. The key contributor to the success of the framework has been the development of our colleagues and managers.

“Continuous Improvement has the ability to change our ways of working and develop processes that demonstrate efficiency benefits. However, for continuous improvement to succeed and be sustainable on a long term basis, it has to become ingrained in the working culture. This has been achieved through the training and upskilling of our people, and providing them with the skillset they need to become part of the change. Without their support and desire to develop their capabilities, we would not have achieved the levels of success that we have during implementation. It goes without saying that although this is an individual award, the recognition received tonight is the output of a team contribution.”

This year will see Michael’s role within the business evolve beyond Clipper’s Burton site, and see him support the business on a national and regional level. He has already had the opportunity to visit all 37 sites across the UK as part of a robust company-wide audit, which enabled him to identify a strategy that would enhance employee engagement amongst 4,700 employees and implement process improvements.

Elisha Kelly, Senior Operations Director for Clipper Logistics said “Since the day Michael joined Clipper logistics, he has always believed that a strategic approach to continuous improvement was the direction the business needed to head in. Although he had a clear understanding of what the company needed, he also had a passion to ensure that everyone came on the journey with him. I have had the pleasure of watching Michael turn nothing more than a vision, into a tangible strategy for our business that has delivered fantastic results for a number of our clients. His energy and pace are infectious, and this is evident in the way that people respond to his leadership approach.

“He has a natural ability to make non-believers believe, assure people who think that they can’t, that they can, and influence colleagues and teams who are adamant that it won’t work, that it will.  His leadership style is chameleon-like, where by it naturally adapts to the audience that he is working alongside be it a workshop with a group of colleagues on the shop floor or presenting to a board of directors. These key characteristics are what make Michael so successful in his current role, and go a long way in him becoming the winner of such a prestigious award. Michael has an exciting career ahead of him, and is a person who I will certainly be keeping a close eye on in the future.”

If you believe that you are making significant and positive impacts on the profession, and are a valued leader within your organisation, then it’s time to enter the Talent in Logistics Awards 2020 Inspirational Leader of the Year category. Entry dates for the 2020 Awards will be announced in the upcoming months. Find out more about the category here.

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