The Very Enterprising CIC devised Business on the Move (BotM), an educational board game, on account of a passion for educating young people about how business works and the important role of supply chains and logistics to all our lives. The success of BotM in inspiring young people to begin planning their career in logistics helped The Very Enterprising CIC clinch the Innovation in Recruitment award at the 2020 Talent in Logistics Awards.

BotM excites and inspires young people about the sector and business as a whole; raises the aspirations of our next generation and future workforce, and enhances young people’s employability skill, building behaviours, attitudes and skills that last a lifetime. Just as the game’s core simplicity and inherent versatility appeal to teachers across the educational spectrum from primary school to university, its realism resonates with logistics and supply chain professionals such that the game is becoming a growing feature of the sector’s training programmes here and abroad.

The team at The Very Enterprising CIC were, and still are, overjoyed to win, especially during this year of all years. While Coronavirus may have sabotaged in the last few months their planned involvement in conferences, workshops and networking events, the global pandemic has not been without its silver linings for The Very Enterprising CIC. Lockdown was the catalyst for a number of bold initiatives.

Business on the Move’s website has undergone a revamp, adding a training and higher education page and family page. Lockdown also prompted collaboration with sector partners NOVUS, Talent in Logistics and Think Logistics to set up in a matter of weeks ‘Learning Through Logistics’, a collection of diverse logistics-related resources to support parents home-schooling. ‘Learning Through Logistics’ has already grown beyond expectations and has already been shortlisted for a national award in its very first year!

Meanwhile, Business on the move is going digital, with The Very Enterprising CIC sharing mutual expertise with the University of Warwick and Ocean Network Express (ONE) to create a Virtual BotM. Development is under way, with expressions of interest already received to participate in testing a prototype virtual game in the New Year. Meanwhile a prototype ‘Humanitarian’ edition of BotM Edition is currently being tested in Jordan and Switzerland as well as in the UK in preparation for production and launch during 2021.

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