BLDC 2023: a motivating, joyful and positive way to drive the EDI agenda

BLDC 2023: a motivating, joyful and positive way to drive the EDI agenda

Recognising the game-changing benefits equality, diversity and inclusion bring to the logistics and warehousing industry, Talent in Logistics is once again partnering with Nimble Media to stage this year’s Big Logistics Diversity Challenge (BLDC).

A not-for-profit subsidiary of RTITB (formerly the Road Transport Industry Training Board), Talent in Logistics is dedicated to helping the sector resolve people and skills challenges, by working together as a community, and develops high quality and accessible events, services and resources.

This is the third year the organisation has been involved with planning and helping to promote the BLDC, specifically designed to highlight the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and how diversity can be tackled collaboratively through physical, mental and skills-based team-building challenges.

“There are lots of events within the sector, such as conferences and awards, which bring people together,” comments Laura Nelson, Managing Director of Talent in Logistics and RTITB.

“But conferences can be corporate and awards demoralising if you don’t win.

“The BLDC is a refreshing change, a completely different dynamic. It brings people together to have fun and build relationships quickly, often with people they would not usually do so.

“Win or lose, everyone participating in the BLDC is massively motivated, there is a real sense of positivity and buzz around the event and its aim to raise awareness, and highlight the benefits of, EDI. It’s truly joyful.

“RTITB fields a team of employees and customers, who rarely get to spend time together in a social environment. Everyone values the experience and has a great time.”

A passionate advocate of EDI, Laura has first-hand experience of being a senior, young female in a male-dominated sector.

“While much has improved, there are still too few strong females in the roles that keep the logistics and warehousing industry moving, such as forklift and HGV drivers.

“That’s why the BLDC is so important; it shines a spotlight on all aspects of EDI and shows the value that it can bring to the sector.

“It also highlights things like unconscious bias which, whether we like it or not, we are all guilty of.

“So, for example, in a physical challenge we might want to disregard someone who is unable to crawl on their hands and knees. Yet they may be able to contribute enormous value to the task in other ways, such as tactical thinking and problem solving.

“Everyone has a value and positive ways to contribute. The BLDC brings this to the forefront of everyone’s mind,” adds Laura.

This year’s BLDC is being held at Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire, on 22 June and is an opportunity for organisations to share best practice, network and help shape a more inclusive sector, while recognising and rewarding employees with an adventurous day of fun.

As in previous years, the 2023 BLDC chosen charity is international development organisation Transaid.

More than 300 industry personnel have already signed up to participate in The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge, but there’s still time to take part. For more information, call to speak to a member of the team on 01780 432930 or email


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