Transport Labour Market & Skills – Call for Views and Ideas

Transport Labour Market & Skills – Call for Views and Ideas In a bid to ‘super-charge’ the transport sector’s skills and build a workforce for the future, Talent in Logistics have worked with representative groups to gather views and ideas on the most significant labour market and skills challenges across the sector. Gathering views from the transport sector On 22nd March 2022 more than 100 delegates from warehousing, transport and logistics businesses, and training organisations,

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The top suggestion when trying to solve a skills crisis is often to increase pay. Our latest research highlighted that whilst fair pay is important, there are other factors, such as work-life balance and trustworthy management that are vital too https://bit.ly/36c4OOP.

In recent research, 62% of female operators had been a lift truck operator for more than six years. 88% stated that they can see themselves working for their company in two years, with 100% saying they are proud to work for their company https://bit.ly/36c4OOP. @UKMHA_OFFICIAL

Happy employees are more committed and are a strong asset in attracting new talent. Highly engaged female operators and young people enable the employer to provide the benefits of a career similar to candidates https://bit.ly/36c4OOP.

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