Training Journal

Training Journal

TJ (formerly Training Journal) gives learning and development professionals the focus they
need to stay informed.

Established in 1965, TJ is the only UK-based, print magazine devoted to training, learning
and development. For over 50 years, TJ has written about L&D issues and topics from skills
policy, technology, leadership and more.

TJ provides the support to L&D professionals to improve their skills and personal
development. We also support our communities through networking and an established
awards’ programme.

Host a successful website

Along with our long standing print publication, we host a successful website: Our site has a great forum loved by many in the industry and
other sections include news, blogs, white papers, interviews and of course our TJ Awards.
TJ‘s broad community covers the top FTSE 100 companies as well as SMEs, charities, public
sector organisations, higher & further education establishments and independent

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