Specialised Training Services


The largest provider of HGV and PCV training in the UK

Established in 2012 Specialised Training Services quickly became the largest provider of HGV and PCV training in the UK. In the last two years we have delivered over 20,000 HGV and PCV courses. Given the current test capacity issues in the UK (the maximum number of deliverable HGV tests is c. 58,000 per year) we deliver one in every five tests in the country. With this amount experience and expertise, we have found ourselves very much in demand by companies that have found the process of running their own license acquisition programs too burdensome, too temperamental and just too complicated.

    This year we have expanded our network of training centres (we now have over 100 driver training centres and 80 Periodic CPC centres) and invested heavily in technology to ensure that we can offer a solution that is simple to use, streamlined, on demand, customisable and delivered locally. We are confident we can transform your driver training program. We will manage every aspect, from initial checks and onboarding, to preparing a training summary for your entire program with results, analysis and recommendations for improvements.


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