RTITB is a cross-sector, global organisation that develops and applies training standards to change behaviour and make measurable improvements to efficiency, risk and safety in your business.

As the preferred regulatory body for workplace transport training, their accreditation, audit, certification and instructor training services are reliable, robust and developed by a team dedicated to the common goal of keeping you and your team safe.

RTITB Purpose
RTITB purpose is simple; they exist to reduce costs and save lives in workplace transport operations. They do this to help you respond proportionately to risk whilst keeping your people safe.

RTITB Vision
Their vision is to create a global family of committed partners using workplace transport training standards which place efficiency, people and maximum safety at their heart.

RTITB Values
1. They create and innovate to meet your needs; we don’t cut corners
2. They fix mistakes quickly and take action to stop them happening again
3. They are honest
4. They work hard for you
5. They are loyal and caring;  when you need us, we’ll be there
6. They have fun and laugh often
7. They push ourselves to achieve things for you and your business that you never dreamed possible