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Founded in 2009...

Pertemps Driver Training was founded in 2009 as a solution to the increased demand throughout the UK for skilled, trained and complaint Drivers. A clear but simple business strategy was built; enhance commercial Driver skills, improve Driver behaviour and reinvest profits into the next generation of Drivers. Our Driver behaviour specialists are key to offering road safety solutions to reduce risk and improve fleet quality and compliance within the business partnership we build. We recognise a “one size” fits all approach is not an effective strategy therefore we focus on the choices a Driver makes behind the wheel that will affect their risk levels. Embedding within a business aids in understanding the customers’ requirements, allowing us to tailor our support and training programmes to ensure they have a greater impact on improving road safety.

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Rapid growth has seen Pertemps Driver Trainings portfolio of courses expand and continual development of bespoke solutions created. Should our range of products not meet a business’s needs our development team are always on hand to support in creating the required solution.

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Pertemps Driver Training


Pertemps Driver Training is part of the Pertemps Network Group. Founded in 1961 by Connie Watts, Pertemps is an independent family run business which has grown to become one of the largest providers of staffing solutions in the UK. Pertemps Driving Division works closely with some of the most recognised logistics, transport and haulage operators in the UK. We employ over 7500 commercial Drivers which puts Pertemps in a unique position to firstly understand the market and secondly to offer bespoke training to meet business challenges.

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