Celebrating its 60th year of publication

Celebrating its 60th year of publication at IMHX 2016, SHD Logistics (formerly ‘Storage Handling Distribution’) Is the best-read magazine by industry professionals in the logistics industry. It is the foremost magazine in the UK providing essential, insightful and strategic information about warehousing and the supply chain. The editorial content is of the highest quality with news and features that is exclusive and relevant; neither is it compromised by advertising. The editorial team, together with the contributors, are experts in their field providing the latest news, innovation, products and practices that affect their business sector.

The circulation is ABC audited, which gives advertisers confidence that their marketing budget is reaching the audience we claim it is.

Its partner website, www.shdlogistics.com, provides the latest news and breaking stories happening in the materials handling, logistics, intralogistics and supply chain sectors. It’s the first place industry professionals go to for news, views, case studies, technical articles and blogs.

Three strong brands

The readers of SHD Logistics are typically senior decision-makers, from the full spectrum of industry sectors from retail and FMCG to providers of third party logistics. New subscribers are added to the SHD Logistics database on an ongoing basis. These new subscribers comprise visitors to IMHX, SHD Logistics Conference delegates, attendees from other events and qualifying professionals requesting a subscription via the www.shdlogistics.com website.

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Digital ‘page-turner’

As well as the monthly printed magazine, SHD Logistics is also published as a digital ‘page-turner’ edition and is available to view on a handheld device via the free SHD Logistics app. Associated products include a weekly eNewsletter, the SHD Logistics Awards (held this year in central London on 21st September), the Logistics 100, and the SHD Logistics Conferences

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