Melanie Luteijn FCIPD

Training and HR consultant

Melanie Luteijn FCIPD

Melanie Luteijn of Go Further Goals is a Training and HR consultant with over 20 years’ experience helping SMEs across a range of sectors thrive and achieve their goals. She believes that engaged employees are integral to business success. All employees must have clarity, conviction and confidence to perform effectively and fulfil their potential at work. Go Further Goals can help by designing and delivering tailored training and HR solutions that fit the business. Melanie provides a robust, reliable and responsive service that has forged enduring client relationships and enabled ongoing development opportunities for employees.

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This session will look at why individuals are sometimes resistant to learning. It will provide an understanding of the impact of the psychology of learning on individuals. The expression “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.” reflects the power of mindset in relation to learning. Individuals learn if they want to and need to, therefore, the goal is to learn how to “Make the horse feel thirsty.” and enable individuals to be receptive to learning.

Find out how to overcome resistance to learning. The session will explore three key elements. Firstly, how to engage individuals at the outset to ensure an open mindset regarding the learning opportunity. Secondly, how to enlighten individuals through relevant content, effective communication styles and responsive interaction. Finally, to ensure that individuals understand how the learning will benefit them and enhance their performance at work.

Learn how to create readiness in your teams to organisational change. Change is an integral component of working life, therefore, learning and change must go hand in hand. This session will identify how to enable teams to embrace and adapt to change through learning.

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