Charles Crawford

Charles Crawford

Charles Crawford is an imaginative, provocative speaker who draws on dramatic episodes from his diplomatic career to explain global policy trends and the liberating power of transformational thinking. He is much in demand as a commentator on the strategic policy implications and UK/EU negotiation strategies following the UK’s Brexit vote in June 2016.

Charles qualified as a barrister before joining the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1979. His first posting was to communist Yugoslavia before he worked as speechwriter for Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe. He served at the Embassy in South Africa as apartheid ended, before returning to London and then Moscow to work on the policy issues arising from the collapse of the Soviet Union. He was British Ambassador in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Poland.

Charles Crawford

During his diplomatic career his work was praised at the highest levels in London, NATO and the European Union for being honest, uncompromising and creative.

He left the FCO at the end of 2007 to start a new career as writer and communication consultant. He now gives communication and negotiation masterclasses to private and public sector clients. His philosophy draws on a simple but powerful idea: “Work out what they’re expecting – then do the opposite!”

He comments frequently on international policy issues from an unconventional libertarian perspective for BBC, ITV, Sky and CNN, and is on the Daily Telegraph comment team.

His e-book on leadership communication `Speeches for Leaders’ was published in 2016. He has been praised by John O’Sullivan (previously Margaret Thatcher’s speechwriter) as “the P.G. Wodehouse of speechwriting”.

 Charles Crawford is a frank and original speaker who shares with audiences his trenchant insights on vital UK and international policy issues affecting us all:

“… very witty and hugely entertaining but also authoritative, unflinching and wise, with a serious underlying point that got a very receptive hearingAndrew Grant, Chairman of Headmasters and Headmistresses Conference

More About Charles' Talk

This debate will look at the following key questions

·  What impact do you expect Brexit to have on transport/transport training regulations?

·  Do you expect the UK transport manager qualification to continue to be accepted in the EU?

·  Do you believe Driver CPC will be changed in any way by the UK Government post Brexit

·  Will dangerous goods driver training regulations be changed post-Brexit?

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