Adrian Furnham

One of the world's most productive psychologists

Renowned internationally as one of the most productive psychologists in the world, Professor Adrian Furnham is an engaging and entertaining keynote speaker and a widely published journalist, as well as one of HR Magazine’s 20 Most Influential People in HR.

Combining business with psychology, he is an expert on behavioral economics, covering topics such as the new economic mind, the psychology of behaviour at work and the psychology of money. Amongst many others, he can discuss fascinating subjects such as the psychology of theft and fraud, psychiatry literacy, personality disorders, leadership derailment, and counterwork behaviours.

He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and sits on the editorial board of a number of international journals. He was previously elected President of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences and founded psychological consultancy Applied Behavioural Research Associates. He is also a regular contributor to national and international radio and television stations, including the BBC, CNN, and ITV.

Adrian is unique. He does not own a mobile phone. A self-confessed ‘well-adjusted workaholic’, he rides a bike to work and loves life’s simple pleasures – travelling, writing and arguing.

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