Gary Forster

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Forster

After 3 years with the P&G chemicals logistics team Gary started volunteering for Transaid in 2006. He first spent two years in Zambia working on road safety programmes before moving to Nigeria to support some of Transaid’s rural health work. Gary was appointed as Transaid’s CEO in 2011 and is responsible for representing the organisation to both the international development community and also the UK transport and logistics industry.

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In the countries where Transaid works, the storage, handling and distribution of essential medicines plays a vital role in ensuring that communities have access to life saving treatments. Transaid is known for improving HGV and passenger vehicle driver training standards in these countries but through our Corporate Members we have also been building the skills and knowledge of forklift driver trainers.  The importance of this training is illustrated in a country like Zambia where the majority of essential medicine’s for the country’s 16 million people are stored in a single warehouse where a forklift truck accident could have ramifications for the availability of medicines across the entire country.  Join this talk to hear how companies including XPO, Toyota Material Handling and Impact Handling have helped support this life saving initiative.

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