With increased demand for ‘connected’ operations, Hyster Europe is supporting applications throughout the logistics chain with innovative 360-degree technology solutions.

Affordable automation

By working closely with our customers and our dealers, Hyster Europe identified a demand for a new and different approach to automation. The company found that the costly automation solutions usually seen in the logistics sector are implemented on a large-scale but fail to meet the needs for recurring, but intermittent, automated tasks.

The Hyster® solution, which has been developed with leading automation technology specialists, addresses these challenges with an affordable, truck-based approach.  Currently available on selected Hyster® tow tractors, pedestrian counterbalance lift trucks, and low-level order pickers, the Hyster® solution enables applications to benefit from the quality and reliability of Hyster® trucks, alongside cutting-edge automation technology.

Rather than requiring complex changes to enable automated logistics, the Hyster® truck-based solution maps the environment using natural features in the building.  This means that the truck’s automated tasks can be easily adapted if the site infrastructure changes.

In addition, the flexible Hyster® solution allows the truck to be used as a fully automated unit for repetitive tasks, or as a supportive, partly-automated machine, for activities such as order picking.  The automation system can even be switched off completely so the truck can be used by an operator as normal.

This automation solution better meets the needs of logistics applications around variable or peak demand.  However, what really sets the solution apart is the unique Hyster Europe approach.

Instead of offering a set package of technologies, the Hyster® automation solution is completely customisable.  By consulting with the customer and using the Hyster® dealer’s extensive knowledge of the industry and application, the operational challenges are identified.  The experts from Hyster Europe then conduct simulations and create the right solutions, so that the customer can easily develop and present a business case.  The Hyster® solution can then be implemented without the need for complex integrations with software and warehouse management systems.

Once the agile ‘robotised’ solutions are in place, support, service and maintenance is available not only from Hyster Europe and its expert automation partners, but also from local Hyster® distribution partners.

The Hyster Europe approach is all about supporting the customer throughout the whole process to create the right solution adapted to their current business and application, as well as where the business may be heading in the future.

Connected fleets

To keep operations running smoothly in Industry 4.0, smart logistics applications are increasingly looking to connect their lift truck fleets.  With the Hyster Tracker telematics solution, Hyster Europe supports operations in collecting data, from daily service checks to utilisation analysis.

Hyster Tracker can be added to a variety of materials handling equipment and container handling trucks to provide proactive maintenance alerts, which can be helpful when managing large fleets and hundreds of operators in logistics applications. Hour meter, cost of operation, periodic maintenance, fault codes and impacts can all be tracked with automatic emails generated when certain faults or impacts occur, making it easier to record and review incidents and related product damage. GPS tracking data also helps identify areas within an operation that may present a higher probability of incidents, such as congestion-prone areas.

Hyster Tracker can also work with RFID cards so that specific equipment is used only by authorised or appropriately trained operators.  To drive down fuel or power costs, the idle shutdown function can also be set to power off a truck after a pre-determined amount of time if the equipment is tracked as idle or unattended.  Operator Pre-shift Checklist Tracking can also help determine any issues with a truck, so they can be addressed and resolved quickly to reduce expenses and potential downtime.

All data collected by the Hyster Tracker system is stored on a secure online portal,  Easily accessed, the portal provides clear, customisable reporting with quick visibility of key metrics.

Technology and innovation built around understanding the needs of logistics operations is just one example of the 360-degree Hyster offering.  With intelligently designed, reliable trucks and knowledgeable local dealers offering full service and support, customers can benefit from an end to end Hyster® solution at every stage of the supply chain.

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