Victoria Whitehouse, MSc, P.G.C.E. CPsychol

Chartered Psychologist

Victoria Whitehouse is a chartered psychologist and a registered occupational psychologist. She joined the Health and Safety Executive in 2007 having completed her MSc. She is a skilled researcher, trainer and consultant. Victoria works across industries helping businesses to achieve safety culture excellence employing workforce engagement strategies, delivering training programmes, and reviewing company data. Victoria is also a qualified teacher and uses the knowledge and experience she gained to assist her in the assessment, development and delivery of training programmes and seminars. Key topic areas of work include health and safety leadership, worker engagement, behaviour change, stress, wellbeing, competence, knowledge management and organisational change.

Driving better health and safety

Why do people take risks that could result in injury and/or ill health? What influences our decision making? How do people think? How can we bolster training that is provided to businesses?
Our team of experts in human factors and occupational psychology have developed a model outlining the myriad of influences on human behaviour, regardless of the risk or behaviour concerned. This session will outline this model considering how businesses can categorise the varying influences and reflect on what they currently provide to their employees to ensure they are more likely to follow health and safety than not.