Stuart Taylor

Managing Director

Stuart Taylor is Managing Director of Mentor FLT Training, the UK’s leading provider of nationwide workplace transport, materials handling and safety management training.

Stuart’s wealth of experience in sales, service and management – predominantly for the logistics and supply chain industries – gives him a sound knowledge of what customers actually want and how to deliver it. Since joining Mentor, he has driven the development of safety management courses designed to maximise productivity, reduce risk and make businesses more profitable.

Stuart is an active Fork Lift Truck Association board member, keen to ensure that Mentor continue to contribute to improving UK safety standards.

The Truth About Forklift Safety & How to Make a Difference

Stuart will highlight the role of human error and explain how risk can be minimised with proper supervision and safety awareness training for everyone working in the vicinity of lift trucks. He will explore the causes and consequences of accidents using hard-hitting facts, figures and video footage and will outline the real practical and financial costs of accidents to business, particularly in light of the recent changes to sentencing guidelines.

Stuart will make recommendations for reducing the risk of accidents and injuries, with particular emphasis on the vital part managers play in promoting and upholding safety standards and targeting complacency, as well as key topics such as segregation and pedestrian awareness.