Abigail Smith

Corporate Fundraiser

Abi joined Brake in mid-2016. With a background in retail, administration and third-sector volunteering. Abi’s role is about engaging with people and their initiatives, including working with corporations to develop effective partnerships with Brake, communicating all opportunities and developments within the charity. Some of the partnerships she currently manages include EDF Energy, BigChange Apps and Arval. Abi works to understand the problems on roads, and because the mission of the charity has a personal relevance to her, she is proud to be part of a passionate team determined to make a difference.
How Distracted Are Your Drivers?

As soon as we get in the car and drive there’s a million and one things vying for our attention. Driving is a complicated skill and we’re all human: we daydream, get side-tracked, run late and make mistakes. But when we’re at the wheel, driving should be given our full attention. A moment’s distraction can be fatal.

At-work drivers are particularly at risk of being distracted, and it’s the responsibility of employers to take steps to educate drivers and reduce this risk.

In this session, Brake will present a hard hitting approach to the reality of distracted driving, with victim accounts, latest research, and initial guidance on the first steps a company can take to tackle this issue. Hopefully you will come away inspired and empowered, as the first line of change in a ‘distraction-tolerant’ culture.