The Warehouse Manager’s role is a varied and challenging one, overseeing a diverse team of people, functions and skills. It requires organisation, efficiency and leadership, and a commitment to productivity and safety. When it comes to training, however, there are some mistakes that are commonly seen in warehouse operations.

  1. Investing in the wrong training

Training is clearly a vital investment for any warehouse operation, but it is only effective if it meets the specific needs of the business and its people. So, how do you know if it is the right training?

Before investing time and resource, Warehouse Managers with a responsibility for procuring training need to identify what will benefit both the business and its workforce. Warehouse training must be relevant to the uniquely challenging world of logistics and aligned with the business objectives.

Keeping up to date with the latest trends in training and even finding out what the competition is doing can help to identify the best options for your operation and your company.

  1. Ignoring your own continued professional development

As a Warehouse Manager, perhaps you are already providing the right training for your people. But when did you last invest in your own personal professional development, or that of your warehouse team trainers?  Continued Professional Development for your staff is important, but it can be easy to overlook yourself or your management team when it comes to training.

Warehouse Managers should ensure access to ongoing training opportunities that are relevant to the logistics sector, and should be benefitting from focused, professional development. This is not just about ticking boxes for HR, but an investment in the most important resource of any business – its people – and that includes managers like you.

  1. Neglecting to recognise and reward achievements

People in warehousing and logistics are often the unsung heroes. They are key to keeping the country moving, but rarely receive the recognition they deserve. Having invested in the proper training and development, why not go the extra mile to recognise the results it brings?

Employees who feel valued are often more productive as it boosts morale, and more inclined to remain loyal to the company that has invested in them. Industry awards are often more focused on the achievements of a company than the people behind it, but nominating people for awards, for example, helps to show recognition and appreciation of the individual’s achievements.

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