With a shortage of LGV drivers already providing challenges for the road transport sector, it has never been more important for Transport Managers to develop their drivers’ skills, retain great staff and attract new talent to the industry.

So, what steps can Transport Managers take to help retain talent and inspire job satisfaction?

  1. Prioritise training

Driving an LGV is a skilled profession and requires ongoing training.  As a responsible Transport Manager, you understand how important the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) Periodic Training is, but it can be challenging to convince already qualified drivers of its value.

Help your drivers to appreciate how important it is. Not only is it a legal requirement, it is a chance to continue their professional development, which can help boost morale. However, choose your Driver CPC courses wisely to ensure training is engaging, interesting and interactive for your drivers. Why not work with your training provider to tailor courses to suit the specific requirements and learning style of your drivers?

Making sure the business benefits from Driver CPC is also an important consideration in course selection. Ensure that you select courses that help to reinforce your business objectives and support areas for potential improvement so that the company can benefit, as well as your drivers.

  1. Know your stuff

When did you last invest in your own career development? It can be easy to overlook yourself when it comes to planning training programmes, but your own Continued Professional Development is as important as that of your drivers. Ensuring that your company invests time and resource into your development also helps you lead by example – showing your drivers the value you put on training and compliance.

Training is also key for ensuring that you know about current regulations and best practice. If you keep up to date with legal requirements and changes, you can keep your drivers informed – building trust in you as a manager, while helping to ensure the business is compliant.

  1. Reward talent

Despite being the face of the industry to the general public, LGV drivers are often overlooked. However, if you recognise a driver’s hard work and make them feel valued, they are more likely to remain loyal to your company.

Consider an internal incentive or reward scheme, or better yet, enter them for an industry award to acknowledge an individual’s achievements, such as the LGV Driver of the Year Award at Talent in Logistics.  An element of competition between drivers might also help to raise productivity and standards.

Or, if you’re an exceptional Transport Manager why not enter the Transport Manager of the Year Award for free now?

  1. Embrace technology

Investments in technology, such as fleet management and telemetry systems, often have clear business benefits that you’ll be aware of as a Transport Manager.  However, to achieve the best results, you’ll also need to educate your drivers on how it will benefit them.

Ensure drivers are trained on how telematics systems are there to enhance safety, assist with breakdown recovery and help them complete tasks efficiently.  Far from being viewed as a ‘spy in the cab’, these systems can instead make the driver feel that you’re investing in making their job easier, safer and more efficient.

  1. Show you care

Offering personal support to your drivers shows that you truly value them as individuals and professionals.

Mental health is a difficult but important topic to discuss. Mood and wellbeing can be greatly affected by an LGV Driver’s challenging shift pattern or time spent away from home. It can also be difficult for drivers to maintain a physically healthy lifestyle on the road. Just knowing there is support available can make a positive difference to the physical and mental wellbeing of your drivers. In turn, with this encouragement and support, drivers will be less inclined to take sick leave and more likely to remain in this important career.

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