Talent in Logistics is a new and unique annual conference and awards event taking place on 22nd June 2017 in Telford, West Midlands. It is the only event in the UK which is completely dedicated to training and learning and development for the 2.2 million people working in transport, warehousing and logistics.

If you’re a Learning & Development Manager, HR Manager, Training Manager, Health & Safety Manager or Trainer/ Instructor in any of these sectors, here are five reasons you mustn’t miss this event.

  1. It’s dedicated professional development for people like you

All too often, learning and development is just a side show as part of other logistics events. Ask yourself when is the last time you invested in your own personal professional development or that of your trainers? It is hard for senior logistics or transport trainers and managers to access to continued professional development opportunities that are relevant to the uniquely challenging world of logistics

From LGV Instructors to Warehouse Managers, Learning & Development Managers to HR executives, Talent in Logistics offers a highly relevant conference agenda so you’re not just ticking the CPD box, you’re benefiting from focused, professional development.  And it’s totally free to attend.

Not only can you enjoy the free seminars available at the event, you can also visit an information point to talk directly to leading voices in the industry about some of the key issues logistics and transport business are facing, such as training and the apprenticeship levy.

  1. Improve the skills and people to benefit your business bottom line

A number of key issues face learning and development professionals in UK logistics but, until now, there has been no single logistics event which exclusively focuses on these important topics. Logistics skills and training are not put front and centre by anyone, they are a side issue to all the other challenges our industry deals with every day. As there has been no focus on them, they have become a huge issue.  The Talent in Logistics event is designed to change this.

Whether you need to know how to maximise your organisation’s benefit from the apprenticeship levy, understand ways to adopt the new health and safety executive strategy for your workforce or how to align your training plan with your strategic objectives, the free Talent in Logistics conference and information point provides the answers.  With hundreds of attendees from across the sector, you’ll also have chance to network with and learn from your peers. See the conference agenda here.

Retaining the best people is key for ensuring business longevity and competitive advantage. The Talent in Logistics Awards can help you recognise and reward the amazing people within your business that you simply can’t afford to lose.  Every other type of competitive advantage can be copied, the right people cannot.

  1. You can reward and celebrate your hard work and team

There are lots of awards in the transport and logistics sector. However, while manufacturers, engineers, designers and suppliers have a chance to get the recognition they deserve, in the past, there hasn’t been a collection of awards which recognise the incredibly talented people in the logistics industry. The Talent in Logistics Awards on 22nd June celebrate the people that keep the logistics sector, and the country, moving.  This is the only Awards event which recognises the hard work and dedication of the individuals within the industry that are striving to ensure our industry is well trained, safe and continuously improving. Entering the Talent in Logistics Awards will help you reward the exceptional learning and development people and training teams in your logistics business, in turn helping you retain staff and attract new employees to your organisation, (and to the sector as a whole).

It’s free to enter, and there are learning and development awards to recognise the best people right across the industry, from awards for Health & Safety Training, to awards for outstanding apprentices.  See the full list of categories and how to enter here.

You can also attend the Talent in Logistics Awards to support and celebrate these important people.  Book your tickets now.

  1. You’ll learn about procuring high quality training

69% of industry employers pay for health and safety related training for their staff, and 83% invest in job specific training. But how do you know that what you are buying is really what you need? Do you really know that the training you have purchased is adding any value to your business? Are you up to speed on the latest legislation? Would you know if your supplier wasn’t?  What are your competitors doing to gain advantage over you?

The experts at the information point at Talent in Logistics, as well as the free conference sessions, will answer these questions, and more, to help you ensure your organisation delivers training that is right for your people, and for your business objectives (and that you don’t waste time and money on the wrong training programmes).

  1. You can tackle the skills shortage to protect your business longevity

Approximately 588,000 additional workers are needed to support the expanding transport, logistics and warehousing industries in the UK over the next 6 years.  With issues attracting young people to the industry and the added complication of Brexit, an acute skills shortage is happening right now.

Help tackle this issue in your business by attending the free Talent in Logistics one day conference.

Talent in Logistics provides an opportunity for the industry to come together to find real, implementable solutions to these issues. Where the industry has questions and concerns relating to skills in logistics, this annual event will bring the sector together to answer them, and more importantly help you find ways to execute solutions in your business.

As part of creating a unified voice on the future of skills in the logistics industry, the Talent in Logistics Awards also form part of the event, recognising and celebrating those that train and develop the talent of the future.  Why not enter your team now?

These are just some of the many ways you can benefit from attending the Talent in Logistics 2017 Conference and Awards.  Learn more about why you must attend this event.

Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out, book your place now.

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