2017 agenda


At the Talent in Logistics Conference you’ll have a chance to learn new skills and knowledge to benefit your business. Whether you’re a Manager, Trainer or Instructor in transport, warehousing or logistics, there will be seminars, panel discussions, and demonstrations that are relevant for you. See the Conference Agenda below (this is a provisional timetable and subject to change)

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Will cycle safety be a key focus for the future in the Midlands and North as it has been for London?


What should you do when the worst happens? What actions to take in the event of a forklift truck accident.

Is all operator and driver training going to be redundant as we move towards an automated future? What training will be needed in future logistics?




Over compliance often costs businesses just as much as under compliance. This session will explore the myths around material handling equipment training and dispel the common misconceptions.

For anyone who wants to understand more about the reasons behind trainee or employee behaviour this session is a must. Learn how to manage behaviour effectively, understand preferred communication styles, recognise triggers and the role of emotions in behaviour.


Hear first hand from young people why they did and didn’t choose a career in logistics. Ask questions and find out what your business needs to do to attract the next generation of talent.

Andrew is an expert in prosecutions brought by regulators such as the Health & Safety Executive. He will provide practical tips on achieving compliance plus what to expect following a workplace transport accident, how to handle HSE investigations and what you should and shouldn’t do post incident.




Hear how to successfully present a business case for additional investment in training and training resource.

Hear from the DVSA about their plans for the future of vocational training and testing.


Can e-learning, simulators and virtual reality contribute to learning practical skills such as LGV driving and forklift operation? How can training teams get the best out of new technologies and is the cost worth the benefit?

What will Brexit mean for training and recruitment in logistics? Will we need more regulation to compensate for the loss of EU law? Will we really see a reduction in “red tape”?